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Youbimini is a self-made business idea for customizable, made to order children's toys. The campaign includes a digital interface, packaging, & product design - with an extensive library of illustrated customizations for the figures. Youbimini is built upon the core values of eccentric visibility & creativity, encouraging anyone of any identity to feel seen & celebrated!

The Youbimini project came to fruition in part of my multi-disciplinary studies: Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Package Design, UI/UX.


This project, being the largest I've ever worked on alone, faced several draft passes, adjustments, & reiterations; however, I am proud to say that the final product is exactly what I envisioned

the brand to be! 

Untitled_Artwork copy.png

from sketch...


to fully modeled product!

yes. I drew every, single facial customization feature for the website. & yes. It did take forever.

but it was definitely worth it!

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