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Uno Mao is an exploration of education and entertainment in children's media. The game is a combination of Uno - a notorious color-matching card game - and Mao - a fast-paced communal card game built on inductive rules tied to the suits. The function of the game is to improve children's memory & icon recognition skills - all while having fun!

The premise behind Uno Mao is to build upon children's deduction skills - in relation to visual recognition and iconographic affiliation. The original card game of Mao is played as a series of unspoken rules, to which players receive more cards when they do not complete the particular rule; You learn the rules as you fail to complete them. 

Here, children are tasked with completing a certain action depending on the card they play. Like Mao, it is expected to not verbally describe the rules of the game, but instead have players realize they must complete certain actions correlated with certain cards - fostering better self-deductive skills & independent thinking!


I had such a blast illustrating each animal for the card series - experimenting with dynamic compositional styles all while devising a cohesive series of playing cards!

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