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Illumi is a a branding concept for a hypothetical skincare company. The butterfly concept derives from the species' intricate patterns on their wings -- unique to each individual specimen. In thought, Illumi skincare is catered to each customer individually, due to their own, unique features of their dermal microbiome.

I explored contrast, symmetry, form, & experience when designing the branding & packaging for Illumi. The box structure is inspired by Japanese Origami, in that the sides unfold, like butterfly wings, to present the products.

Illumi underwent a series of iterations, names, & styles prior to the final selection.

A tremendous portion of my design process involves experimentation -- fleshing out all potential visions & placing them together within an art board.

Once all iterations are visible, I then breakdown what components are effective, what components are lacking, & what speaks the most to the assignment at hand. 

branding drafts
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